About Us

Svecha means freedom to explore on your own. We make toys that promote skill development primarily in the age group 0-6 years. We believe in following the child’s way, aid them with gender neutral, age appropriate & open ended toys to ignite their imagination and creativity.



Svecha is inspired by the motherhood journey of our founder Anusha Thummala, who experienced a lot of need gap while searching for good quality toys for her child that supported age appropriate skill development. She found that the toys available in India were mostly imported and are far inferior in quality & features when compared to the toys available outside the country. Toys in India are considered more as impulsive buys and not as early learning aids. She believes introducing right set of toys can make a lot of difference in defining the nature of the child. Through Svecha, she is attempting to make an impact in the lives of younger children by aiding them with age appropriate skill building toys.

Our founding team has parents who are alumna of IIT and premium business colleges, who have spent quality years in the corporate sector and have left their jobs to create a better world for children. We have a team of well qualified Montessori and early learning experts, designers from NIFT and premium design institutes who are designing the toys keeping in mind the child's growth.

At Svecha, we believe in creating toys that promote free play and are free from any kind of gender biases. We want children to experience natural toys that are made of wood, cotton yarn, bamboo, metal and other natural elements in an attempt to aid parents raise eco-conscious children. 

At Svecha, we believe toys are for #notjustplay